• Community Events

    Birdwalks to Gulf Islands Nat’l Seashore/Naval Live Oaks
    2-12-17 8:00 am - Naval Live Oaks
    Francis M. Weston Audubon Society Pensacola

    Whether it's woodland birds in the parking lot trees and along the boardwalk, shorebirds on the beach, or ducks in the water, you never know what you'll see at Naval Live Oaks!  We will have scopes set up to look for ducks, grebes, gulls, and...

    Full Snow Moon
    2-12-17 8:00 am - Naval Live Oaks
    Grandmother Moon Meditation

    "Shoulder to shoulder around the fire" Moon.This moon is about groups, circle of friends, intimacy and trust. How do you offer your gifts to the ones who are close? How does this Moon begin to melt you when its "cold" in your heart? Shoulder to...

    Join Us For Our Sunday Morning Walk! Start the Week Off Right!
    2-12-17 8:00 am - Naval Live Oaks
    Western Gate - Chapter of The Florida Trail Association

    • Every  Sunday morning Trudy and Peggy lead a brisk, friendly walk in different locations in Santa Rosa and Escambia counties. This walk will take us from neighborhoods to forests to country roads to dirt wooded trails, a different location...

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    Presidential Election

    Hello Everyone, If you are like me, you are happy that the election is over.  And hopefully, you are excited for America to be Great Again, as our new President-Elect Trump likes to say.  As  I stated in my previous post, interest rates will begin to rise soon.  Not only because,  the former administration doesn’t […]

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    Hi everyone! I want to alert all buyers that NOW is the time to buy!  Interest rates have been averaging 3.5%  for months, but that is soon to end.  The government has kept interest rates from being raised because they want the illusion of a great economy, which low mortgage rates help bolster.  Once this […]

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    Welcome to Gulf Breeze!

    You can check out the majority of available listings in the area by entering your criteria in the white search box at the top. Once you have found a home that you would like to see, please feel very free to call me so that we can schedule an appointment to view the home and […]

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